H2O is water is H2O, isn't it?

Matinno says NO.

See, water is H2O is water, an elementary student knows it, we all know it.
The thing with Material Innovation is not just how you innovate the material itself,
it's how you creatively use those materials to innovate your products.
And this is exactly what Matinno thinks about!
You can become wet in water, but you can also use it to float, to dive in, to transport,
to dissolve, to cook, to boil, to freeze, to skate, to swim...
it's just about which properties you make use of.

Imagine what you can do with materials you don't even know!

During the product design creation, material selection is one the most important step in the whole process.
An incorrect choice can lead to disasters, starting from the product not fulfilling the requirements up to complete product failure.
Funny enough, many designers find the material selection is a difficult step, some others on the other hand skip it too easily and choose the standard solution.
Thus they try to neglect or postpone decisions being made in this phase.
Matinno is capable of making those decisions, even making decisions which will improve the concept itself.
Why do you have to believe in all these talks?
Just go wander through the website and give your vote to Matinno at the end;
we believe in our works, may we convince you?