About Matinno

Matinno is a company of Joop van Tuil.
Matinno has extended knowledge and best practices of material properties and behaviour.
In order to get a better understanding of a product, Matinno uses some tools and methods in Materials Engineering, Modeling Studies and Mechanical Engineering.

About Joop van Tuil

A full beta and an INTJ in all his fibres, Joop is a practical, no-nonsense but somewhat difficult to understand person.
(Don't worry, you'll get used to it)

Born 40 years ago in a small Dutch village in Gelderland province, Joop has developed a strong interest of technics and engineering since he was young.
Once when he was a kid, driving with his father in their old car, the brake system failed.
As an emergency solution they used a rope to replace the hydraulic system.
It worked and brought them safely home.
Although this was of course not a responsible solution a mechanic will suggest,
this experience has triggered Joop to always think beyond the boundaries.
30 years later, Joop is still using ropes, well not under his current car brakes of course,
but as a metaphor for his working method.
Research, publication and environment responsibility are among his current interests at the moment.
All with innovative use of materials to upgrade product possibilities.

Curriculum Vitae